Branded Blog Content: Toyland Recording Studio album news – Wendy Rule ‘Black Snake’

Cover art for Wendy Rule's 'Black Snake' produced and engineered by Adam Calaitzis at Toyland Recording Studio.

Wendy Rule – Black Snake

Wendy Rule at Toyland Recording Studio

Wendy Rule recording vocals for the album ‘Black Snake’ at Toyland Recording Studio with producer Adam Calaitzis.

An artist who needs no introduction, it was an absolute honour to have Wendy return yet again to Toyland to record ‘Black Snake’. We are longtime collaborators – I made Wendy’s first album ‘Zero’ in 1996, which was formative in establishing Wendy’s style, as well as producing ‘The Wolf Sky’ (2006), and ‘Meditations on the 4 Elements’ (2007) – and there’s a specialness in making a series of albums in such a fine songwriter’s journey.

“I really love the album. I’m 100% behind it, and I haven’t felt that way about my music in years… Ultimately, for me, the real reward was in doing it – in having such great musicians, we had an amazing time recording it, everything was just flowing so beautifully…” [Wendy Rule interview with Dave Griffiths from The Wednesday Motley Crew]

Wendy Rule albums are always intensely personal projects, with an iconic unifying theme, a unique mood, and tremendous experimentation in improvising details. Wendy’s poetry is perfect for creating an otherworldly and super-real sonic evocation of landscape and inscape – magic is welcome, including big, processed, lush studiocraft. ‘Black Snake’ showcases an intricate stereo field with subtle elements to tantalise the aural sense and imagination, and at the centre Wendy’s commanding voice – she continues to make the widest possible array of sounds, and her beautifully developed, velvety chest voice draws the listener down to a replenishing spirit place like no one else can.

Wendy Rule in Toyland Recording Studio Control Room

Wendy Rule listening to a mix for the album ‘Black Snake’ in the control room at Toyland Recording Studio.

“Because the themes of the album are so deep and real and true, I knew that the recording itself had to be a ritual of sorts… I like to ensure that every album I make is beautifully produced, with excellent musicians, in a great studio. This is my life’s work and my deep passion, and I want to share something … that I’m truly proud of.”

Wendy Rule staged a sumptuous launch for ‘Black Snake’ on March 22nd at the Northcote Uniting Church; the evening included a ritual blessing for the Autumn Equinox, and may be the only time ‘Black Snake’ is recreated live with a full band. The recording was funded through a highly successful Pozible campaign that exceeded the fifteen thousand dollar goal, and raised twenty five grand, which is allowing Rule to produce a film clip. ‘Black Snake’ will take Wendy on many adventures around the world, bringing her glorious music to music lovers and seekers alike.

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