Event Management

A creative event producer with the experience and expertise to innovate supportable and deliverable event concepts tailored to client objectives, social motivations, and aesthetic tastes and style. Possessing an outstanding capacity to engage in clear, calm and productive dialogues with clients and key stakeholders to efficiently establish the essential elements and direction of an event, so that pre-production tasks can be progressed to the event timeline and in the correct sequence; having a decisive yet flexible management style, attentive to details, and aware of overarching considerations; able to problem solve, prioritise, improvise responsibly, and be hands on and proactive; with an encouraging team building style, delegating wisely and fairly, and maintaining genuine courtesy and respect for coworkers; with a friendly, thoughtful and compassionate customer service style – able to engage with the broadest range of people on their own terms, and instill a sense of ownership and confidence, so that each event experience will be an inclusive, personalised, high quality, and successful event.


• Beautifully spoken, well presented and professional – an ideal ambassador for the venue at all times.

• An attentive listener and articulate speaker, always communicating clearly and calmly to clients, coworkers, vendors, contractors and suppliers.

• A warm, authentic, participatory and adaptive customer service style, an effusive and confident hostess able to manage people with authority, diplomacy and charm; committed to cultivating both new clients and repeat clientele.

• Delivering venue tours to prospective clients, selling key services and ad-ons, and meeting sales targets.

• Working to set deadlines, managing achievable goals and time frames, scheduling a long-term booking calendar, and multitasking between coinciding event schedules in adjacent spaces.

• Outstanding written communication skills in assembling appropriate kits of pre-production and production event logistics and planning documentation (including event books, contacts lists, event plans, timelines, site plans, floor plans, lighting plans, stage plots, input lists, performance/presentation specification sheets, seating plans, catering orders, running sheets, name badges, bump in/out schedules, job safety checks, security operations and safety plans, checklists, booking forms, incident reports, and memos).

• Publication quality copywriting and editing skills, and a flair for design, ensuring all on site signage enhances event prestige and success.

• Meticulous financial management and record keeping (budgets, accounts, invoices, receipts, reports).

• Accomplished in all aspects of event marketing including publicity, advertisement creation (print and audio), social media, press releases, promotional copywriting, and media liaison; achieved demonstrated results in placing event coverage in print and radio.

• A talent for event publication creation (tickets, brochures, posters), co-creating with clients as required.

• Flair for visual merchandising and space dressing (experienced with temporary walls, marquees, exhibition and stage lighting, baffles, display tables and cabinets, soft furnishings, projections, floristry and decorations).

• Front of house team leadership – training, delegating and motivating team performance across customer service, ticketing, merchandise sales, cash handling (safe, floats, clearances, and reconciliation), cloaking, information, and delegate registration.

• Access control, security, duty of care and associated hospitality industry best practices.

• Maintaining venue OH&S Policy & Procedure, with attention to risk management and public liability insurance.

• Technical Operations expert with advanced skills in PA installation, PA tuning & operation, location recording, stage management, AV technology, media editing and delivery.

• Coordinating effectively with catering managers for bar service, supply management, and various food service types.

• Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificates (Victoria VCGLR & Australia).

• Responsible Service of Gambling (RSG) certificate (VCGLR).

• Keen awareness of Disability Discrimination Legislation and equal access policy, strategy, and inclusive practices.

• Particular experience in designing and delivery of program content for conferences, leading AV presentations, and workshops; excellent presentation management skills, with realistic running sheets that keep events to schedule and achieve client objectives.

• A serious commitment to post-production reporting to facilitate knowledge sharing and forward-looking improvement within the events team, and attentive client satisfaction follow up to foster repeat clientele.

• A true enquiring mind and commitment to professional development through learning new technologies and trending processes, reflective practice and research, and ongoing training.

• Able to implement event planning and logistics, while always maintaining an overview of the personal, emotional and social context for the client and attendees, to deliver an event experience that is authentic, memorable, satisfying and delightful.