Copywriting is the art of assembling the best words to represent you as an artist or business, words that appeal to and motivate the audience you want to connect with Рreal people. Digital copywriting (otherwise known as SEO copywriting) is the art of combining those people-friendly words, with the right words to appeal to Google Рso you show up with relevance online, and your audience of real people can find you easily and quickly on the web.

Killer Content Communications specialises in writing copy for creative makers, creative service providers, and creative businesses. Marketing arts and creative industry is different from “straight world” corporate marketing – a “hard sell” approach doesn’t work in creative fields. When you are marketing an experience that is a treat for the client, they need to feel inspired.

Whom do our communications services best suit?

Individuals and businesses whose work is ABOUT SOMETHING. If your work has heart, if you have a story – that can be crafted into some seriously killer content.

If you are an artist, an author, a DJ, a photographer, a filmmaker, an actor, a designer, a musician or a band – if your business is an art school, a dance or music academy, a recording or rehearsal studio, a theatre company, a language school, a fine art or antique gallery, an art or craft supplies retailer, a live music or theatre venue, a restaurant, cafe, or bar, a tourism service provider, event or touring management – Killer Content Communications can tailor the perfect words for you.

  • SEO Website Copy
  • Metadata
  • Product Descriptions & Ticketwriting
  • Book and Packaging Blurbs
  • Editorial Copy for Digital Platforms and Media
  • Social Media Copy
  • Writing for Radio
  • Overhead Announcements
  • Speech Writing
  • Liner and Program Notes
  • Gallery and Exhibition Display Brochures
  • Event and Venue Signage
  • Promotional Copy for New Releases
  • Backlist Catalogue Marketing
  • Brand Initiatives and Campaigns
  • Podcast and Audio Production